• Trans-seasonal Style: How To Layer by Bella Webb
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Trans-seasonal Style: How To Layer by Bella Webb

Ah, scrolling; my favourite form of procrastination! There really is nothing quite like looking through street style photographs for inspiration, scrolling down page upon page of imaginative new ways to dress up. And let’s face it, with Manchester’s somewhat temperamental weather, getting dressed requires spending a little bit longer if you’re going to get it right. We only get about 40 days of sunshine every year, so nailing the “trans-seasonal layering”look is a must if you plan on surviving the other 325. Thankfully, all my scrolling has paid off, as this is a technique the street-style regulars have got down to a T. Here are a few tips from your friends at Steranko on how to layer like a pro…


1)    Keep your layers light: it’s all very well bundling up like your mum always told you to on school trips, but if your layers are too thick, you’ll just end up carrying them round (or using them to hide your sweat patches). A little cardigan never goes amiss, or if you think it may get warmer throughout the day, try a scarf that you can use as a shawl.

2)    Balance your colours: whether you opt for flashes of jewel tones or an understated neutral palette, be careful not to overdo it on the colour front. A general rule of thumb is to stick to three main colours in each outfit, with a couple of neutral shades to balance it out.

3)    Get your proportions right: This doesn’t just apply to lengths, but also style. If you’re rocking an oversized, comfy top, balance it out with some figure hugging trousers and flattering heeled ankle boots. Generally, more than one statement piece can easily veer into overkill territory, unless paired with all black. Equally, be aware of wearing a cardigan that covers the bottom of your shorts (you may find yourself subject to “is there anything under that?” comments from the back-view). You’ll know by looking in a mirror if the proportions are wrong, but a good way to tell if you’ve got it right is to think about how you feel in your outfit. If you feel dowdy or overloaded, try taking off a layer or adding heels.

4)    Stay comfy: At the end of the day, the whole point of layering is to be comfortable in any weather possibility, so if what you’re wearing doesn’t feel good, it probably won’t look good.


5)    Wear the first layers fitted: keeping the basis of your outfit fitted will allow you to layer without feeling frumpy or losing shape. It also means that any oversized layers you add will be in proportion to your body and the rest of your outfit.

6)    Don’t be afraid to accessorise: the easiest way to add highlights to an outfit is by accessorising. Not only do a scattering of intricate jewels add interest and texture, but they can help your proportions too. Adding a long necklace can have a similar effect to rolling up your sleeves, by drawing attention to your waistline, giving you the illusion of an hourglass figure. What’s more, a statement piece of cocktail jewellery, such as some bright earrings can lift the eye, creating a sense of focus within the outfit.

 This guest blog was written by Bella Webb. More musings from Bella can be found at her wordpress page daphneanddelilah.com which can be found here


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