Women - American Vintage

Mickaël Azoulay created the French brand American Vintage in 2005. Instinctive and curious, he sought his inspiration in the streets of the world. He surrounded himself with a team of designers and reinvented the Basics. He renewed T-shirts that are now part and parcel of any women’s wardrobe. Comprehensive and trendy, the collections are drawn in a pure style with authentic simplicity. In constant search for new materials and skilful blends of natural fibres, the garments are a fine, delicate wrap for the body. The Basics are declined in a richly coloured palette with original pigmentary tons.

American Vintage is really the completion of a style revealed by a vintage touch‚ - inspired by the American trend intermingled with the sand wash jeans image‚ - allied with real womanhood.

The styles are named after American States or American Cities.

The AV lines are designed by a fashion team seeking simplicity, novelty, feminity, easiness and movement. The line is thought as layers that women can combine as they feel.

The colours and materials are carefully chosen by our designers to reflect that feeling of uniqueness and comfort and to reveal women's beauty and creativity.

Whoever understands and is receptive to the concepts of womanhood, freedom and creation will feel attracted to American Vintage.