Women - Lulu Copenhagen
LULU Copenhagen is a Danish designer jewelry brand based in Copenhagen.

The brand stands for simplicity with playful designs in an affordable price range. The designers want to inspire women all over the world to get the optimal, best and funniest out of life.

With their statement - Less Is Enough - the brand embraces their message that we should only buy things where the design speaks to us. We do not need more things in the world that are not being used. This is one of the reasons why it is possible to buy the much-loved, figurative Candy Earrings individually.

LULU was established in Nørrebro in Copenhagen in 2014 by the couple Anja & Rasmus Gottliebsen based on a common passion for art and design. Today, the brand is sold in department stores, fashion stores, museum shops and high-end boutiques, primarily in the European market.