In 1991 Steranko opened it’s doors to the good people of Withington & Didsbury in south Manchester. At that time Didsbury wasn’t the vibrant, stylish, bohemian, café culture, leafy suburb of Manchester it is today. It was a somewhat rundown part of town with a bedsit, ex-graduate, mature student vibe, old man sawdust floor pubs, cheap booze stores, kebab shops, boarded up shopfronts and a Kwiksave!

Fast forward 32 eventful years and we are still here and going strong, in fact better than ever. Fiercely independent, and proudly individual; we constantly pursue high quality, ethical brands from Europe, Asia, the Far East and the Americas. We have high quality ladies dresses and outerwear from brands like Girls of Dust rubbing shoulders with classic staples as Armor Lux Heritage T-shirts. Japanese high-end Flower Mountain sneakers share the shelves with hand sewn French super-brand Paraboot.

Recently referred to by a competitor as a ‘cultural Mancunian institution’, Steranko certainly occupies cult status with our loyal local, national and international customers. Our passionate, friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand if you need any advice, but we prefer to let the customer browse at their leisure, no hard-sell here!

Burton Road is now a trendy café bar and restaurant rich, suburban enclave of Manchester, a very European feeling destination district of one of Europe’s greatest cities. The local accent has changed a little over the years, but one very strong Mancunian voice is still present in M20. Steranko has always been here, and we are here to stay!