The Parisian unisex label.

Since its creation in 2014, Noyoco has always wanted to have a positive impact on the world
Noyoco comes from No Youth Control: A call to release energies, innovation, exploration, activism.

Instill the idea that by being a free spirit you can change the status quo.
Youth has no age, neither does audacity.

With 140 billion garments produced per year, you can imagine that there are a few rolls that get lost in nature. We are here to bring them home.

Since 2017, we have built an upcycling chain that allows us to put high quality natural materials called "deadstock" back into circulation. They come mainly from Italy, from big houses that no longer use them. They come from production surpluses, designer cancellations, end of stocks...

Result: no additional material created. Less fertilizers, pesticides, less water consumed, CO2 emitted, and less waste on Earth. But you're welcome, it's natural.

Upcycling of deadstock materials represents between 50 and 70% of our clothing depending on the season. And it's probably the best thing we've done for the planet.