Steranko Summer

Following on from my guest blog last week  I decided to go and raid their stock for some great examples of making layers work for summer…



The Anouk dress works perfectly over this spotted shirt, and the Lagoon clutch bag adds just the right amount of chic to contrast the Adidas trainers.


This may not exactly constitute “layering” but I couldn’t resist the print clashing in this outfit. The‘Sam’ blouse can be worn open for a more relaxed sort of layer. It’s over a plain vest top here, but might also work well with a pop of colour underneath or a simple cardigan on top. These pants are a divine fit, and whilst these shoes are my own, Hasbeens would do the job very nicely indeed!


These Adidas trainers are so versatile, I think I may need to invest in a pair for myself! Here, they are worn with the Maison Scotch top and scarf (available in store), as well as the model’s own jeans.


More fashion and lifestyle musings from Bella at her wordpress page daphneanddelilah.com which can be found here

Everyone Loves The Sunshine

Wow, it's like summer's arrived already in this corner of south Manchester... and whilst we've still got a great instore offer on our remaining sale items, we can't help but look at the new clothes coming in for Spring Summer '13 with excitement.

We've plenty more coming in over the next few week, but our shop and online store are already showcasing exciting new ranges from the likes of Maison Scotch Fred PerryPart TwoClarks OriginalsH By Hudson and the most lovely G9 Harrington Jackets by Baracuta we've possibly ever seen. There's new stock arriving every day, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled both in the shop and on the website.

Finally for those of you who use Facebook, how about this? Every time you come into our store - tag yourself on your mobile phone as being at Steranko and we'll offer you 10% off any purchase on none sale items over £50. Crazy? Must be the February sun going to our heads...

We'll leave you with this Spotify playlist of our favourite album in the shop right now.

Bye for now

The Steranko Team

Must have items this party season


Men’s must have pieces

What are ‘must have’ items I hear you ask? Well, they are the items you just cannot live your everyday fantastic life without! They should be staples in your wardrobe so that there are no ‘just got up and don’t know what to wear’ days, the days where you have less than 5mins to get dressed and out the door. 

Check you have these items in your wardrobe quick so you don’t get caught short! 

1) Great fitting jeans

2) Trench Coat

3) Breton stripe top

4) Brogues/loafers

5) Neutral colour cardigan

6) Fitted shirt

Get your at Steranko now...
The Advantage of Shopping online


The advantage of shopping for clothes online

Shopping online has only really been big business for the last 10 years or so, and this is a very small space of time really. Now more so than before though we are using the internet to buy clothes, shoes, furniture, food....the list is endless. So why do we choose to buy online more now than ever before. Well it is pretty simple really. The internet allows us to look at options in the calm environment of our own homes; we can compare prices, fit and delivery in order to find either the perfect bargain or item. 
Shopping online can tick the three main boxes:

1) Convenience
2) Cost
3) Comparison

Plus there are rewards and offers for repeat customers to keep you coming back to your favourite site. What else do I need to say to convince you to sit in the comfort of your sofa with a brew (obviously) and clicking away through our fantastic website?

REMEMBER: We still offer FREE delivery for all out items!

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